HR + Talent Management Solutions

Streamline HR processes, centralize employee data, and gain real-time access to information all in one place.  The awesome customer service comes free.

Streamline and simplify hr.

HR + Onboarding

Streamline HR processes, centralize employee data, and gain real-time access to people information in one place. Reduce administrative workload and compliance risk with access to accurate and consistent employee information, automated workflows, and configurable forms and reports. Improve operational efficiencies while delivering an exceptional experience for both your employees, from hire to retire.

  • HR Features

    New hire reporting  |  Skills, education, certifications, and training tracking   |  Audit + compliance   |  Job & salary history   |  Document Management  |  Employee Self-Service   |  Job history

  • Onboarding Features

    Built-in I-9 and E-Verify tools | Electronic signatures | Workflow automation | Assignment tracking | Document and compliance management | Onboarding wizard

Perform HR tasks from any device at any time.

The HR section of isolved is the central location for managing your employees’ information all in one place - no matter where you are.

No more duplicate data entry.

All information is available across one platform, fully integrated with payroll. Only set up data once - and eliminate duplicate data entry which leads to mistakes.

Automate manual tasks

No more importing, exporting, stacks of paper, or approval bottlenecks. Automate core HR functions, including collecting employee information, reviewing requests, reporting and more. Set up workflows and reminders for new employees and their supervisors.

Empower employees with self-service tools.

New hires and current employees can easily submit, sign, and view information electronically.

Logical Onboarding Process

Advanced HR Updates

Empower your employees to make their own updates to HR information with Advanced Employee Self-Service.

If you don’t need the full Onboarding module, you can still take some of your load off by having employees enter changes directly into isolved. Updates come to you for approval before enacted. The process is simple!


Employee enters HR update

Your employees can easily change or add information. Changes are saved and submitted for approval.


You receive a notification

You will receive an email notifying you when an employee has made an update to their HR information.


Make it official!

View, accept, reject, or edit the change.

Applicant Tracking: Attract & Hire

Hire better people FASTER with PremierNow.

Attract & Hire is a complete hiring solution, linking together the entire hiring process from posting on job boards to applicant communication to background checks. Best of all, Attract & Hire provides an increased flow of qualified applicants.

Reduce time to hire by becoming more efficient.

Give candidates a better experience while attracting qualified talent.

Become more strategic in your hiring with reports and resources.

With Attract & Hire, you can:

  • Post to 1000s of job boards (including Indeed) with a single click
  • Attract better candidates
  • Reduce the time and cost to hire
  • Improve the applicant experience
  • Provide collaboration between hiring managers and applicants
  • Use E-Verify to automatically verify applicant eligibility for employment
  • Access Pro-Screening for background checks

Simplify and Streamline HR.

It's time to get back to running your business.

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Meet HR's new best friend.

Conversational Virtual Assistant

Conversational Virtual Assistant uses AI-based natural language processing to give your employees a conversational way to get information and perform HR tasks, using the platforms and tools they already have.

isolved’s Conversational Virtual Assistant lets your employees access their important information and complete common HR tasks without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Employees can request time-off balances, ask for a list of current benefits and even view their schedule through the conversational interface, reducing complexity and improving the employee experience.

Save valuable time.

by redirecting frequent and repetitive HR questions

Make HR more accessible.

Empower your employees with 24/7 access to HR for common questions in a chat-like environment.

CVA can handle it.

Virtual Assistant can handle PTO and holiday questions, scheduling questions, benefits, contacts, direct deposit information, requesting time off. and more.

Predictive People Analytics

Access actionable data on your most valuable asset.

Predictive People Analytics (PPA) uses AI to give you better visibility into your people data from multiple HR applications. PPA provides centralized metrics and analytics to help organizations take actionable steps to make decisions and strategies that ultimately impact business performance.

With a dashboard-style design, it is easy to use, understand, and translate into action. 

Goodbye reports.  Hello insights.

Improve employee retention by reducing risk and predicting turnover

Identify trends and anticipate future workforce fluctuations

Identify gaps or inequities with metrics that can help enhance or stay on track with your DEI&B efforts.

Make proactive decisions with a look at big picture data

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