Time & Attendance

With employee time, labor, and attendance data from isolved People Cloud – a single, integrated source of truth – you’ll be better informed to deliver improved organizational performance, make better decisions, and ensure a happier workforce.  isolved Time is part of the isolved People Cloud you’re already using – and it’s so easy to add. Manage and analyze your workforce easily, efficiently, and securely – all the while building trust and accuracy.

Save Time. Minimize Errors. Improve Compliance. 

Improve your payroll processing through secure, maintenance-free, cloud-based employee scheduling and attendance monitoring all native to isolved.

Payroll is expected to be right, every time. It’s critical to implement an accurate and reliable process. Move beyond outdated software, time sheets and spreadsheets and start processing employee time and attendance with efficiency. Improve your payroll process by accurately tracking, managing, and processing time, labor, and attendance for your entire workforce, even those who are remote or on-the-go.


Features & Benefits

Built from the ground up in the cloud for speed and security, isolved payroll processing simplifies paying your employees and helps avoid the headaches of unnecessary errors.  Efficient, accurate, secure, and easy payroll processing, every time.

No Separate Time System

Collect, manage, and process your time right through isolved.
– No need to maintain earning code mapping from time to payroll
– One data source (only set up data once!)

Easier Time Tracking

Easily and efficiently track your employees’ time from home, the worksite, multiple locations and more
– Mobile punch GPS data
– No more keying data – PTO hours automatically
flow to Time Entry Grid after approval

Easy Scheduling

Build shifts and schedules, set permission rules, determine shift eligibility, send instant scheduling alerts, and set up coverages and shift requests
– Graphical calendar time card
– Daily, weekly, or pay period views

Better Manage Employees

Manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles. Set your own rules.
– meal and break rounding
– overtime and premiums
– comp time
– view absences and time off requests
– hours entry and punch entry
– set up timecard alerts
– accrue sick/ vacation / PTO with your rules.

Real Time Reports

Flexible reports help you make decisions and correct missing punches immediately
– time card report
– policy group eligibility
– absences/ time off requests export
– verification report
– hours/punch detail

Employee Self Service

No more manual tracking of PTO and schedules. Employees can clock in/out, view PTO balances, submit online requests, and more.


Eliminate timeclock errors with geofencing – a way to create map boundaries.

Improve your Bottom Line

Eliminate buddy punching and time theft
– Reduce labor costs up to 5% while improving accuracy & efficiency

Increase Efficiencies.

Eliminate multiple systems that require different logins, duplicate entries, importing, and exporting makes better use of time spent.

Supervisors can spend less time on time cards and can focus on their real jobs. Better employee scheduling reduces
overtime. More consistent enforcement of pay policies results in fewer grievances.

Maximize Data Integrity

Real time data increases data integrity and provides the business analytics (hours, employee status, overtime) needed to manage business-critical tasks.

Automatic accruals and improved record keeping ensure employee receives only the PTO days they have earned Reduced error rate in manually preparing time cards

Ensure Compliance

Crucial to ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance is employee time. With Time & Attendance from isolved, Employers can determine hours, employee status, and produce data for filing forms.

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