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You have enough on your plate. Leave the payroll to PPS.

Let Premier Payroll Services simplify your payroll – from processing to payday. In addition to a powerful web-based payroll solution, PPS provides integrated Employee Self Service, Time & Attendance, HRIS and Benefits modules to streamline payroll operations while enhancing flexibility, security, and control.

Payroll processing is easy, accurate and efficient. Built from the ground up in the cloud, all data is secure and protected. With our full payroll preview, you are in control. You’ll get alerts about potential errors and have access to all the reports you need before you process your payroll.


Features & Benefits

Built from the ground up in the cloud for speed and security, isolved payroll processing simplifies paying your employees and helps avoid the headaches of unnecessary errors.  Efficient, accurate, secure, and easy payroll processing, every time.

  ✓ Employee self-service

✓ Direct deposit

✓Quarterly tax returns 

✓ Garnishments

✓ Track vacation/sick accruals

  ✓ General ledger import

✓ Labor distribution

✓ Certified payrolls

✓ Vendor checks

✓ 401K plan administration

✓ Custom reporting

✓ Expense Management (additional)


Premier’s Employee Self Service module provides employers and their employees with 24/7 on-line access to personnel information, check stubs, time off accruals and more. Print W2s online and go paperless with PPS!

Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics

View your data, your way. Reduce hours spent preparing reports and make the most important reports available for review in minutes.
• 24/7 easy access from desktop or mobile
• Custom management reports, new hire reporting, ACA reporting
• Password protection to ensure appropriate personnel access information


We stay on top of changing legislation so you don’t have to. Remaining in compliance with the ever-changing tangle of regulations is simple with Premier.
• We provide a thorough consultation to make sure employer responsibilities are understood
• We ensure payroll tax compliance is maintained
• We report all new hires to states
• Taxes filed quarterly by Premier include 941s, PA- W3, PA-UC2, LST, EIT, & other state/local payroll tax filings
• Taxes filed annually by Premier include 940s, W2’, W3s, 1099s, 1096s
• Our software features include ACA reporting tools and production and filing of required forms.
• Make updates to a single data set for changes related to taxes, employment regulations, and more.


PPS applies for all payroll-related IDs free of charge – whether you are a start up or existing client who is expanding. No more completing PA-100 or filing out voluntary withholding applications for various states to get payroll IDs.

Get Started with Premier today.