Benefits Enrollment & Administration

From open enrollment to running reports, we have you covered.

With isolved’s Benefits Enrollment & Administration, both you and your experience can save time with a simple, user-friendly process that is determined by YOU. Full integration with payroll means deductions are set up all throughout the system – so no double data entry or costly mistakes.


Features & Benefits

Organized Enrollment

Benefits are programmed using logic provided by YOU.
– Benefit options are presented clearly
– Built-in tracking and monitoring features with
periodic reminders
– Communicate open enrollment dates,
meetings, locations, deadlines, and more
– Schedule email alerts to make sure enrollment
deadlines aren’t missed.
– Structure welcome message and documents to
communicate to employees what needs to be
reviewed and acknowledged.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can review options, enroll, and access their benefits from anywhere at any time.
– Step by step process increases employee
engagement and usage
– Access to previous and current benefits
– Easy to update life events such as marriage,
children, etc.

Real Time Reports & Accurate Carrier Feeds

isolved Benefits makes it easy to get the information you need, when you need it.
– Accurate data is provided to carriers to ensure
all life events are communicated.
– Easy to use filters to create reports and
– Easily provide benefits statements for
employees, including total employee cost.
– Integrated ACA reporting, so no headaches
completing 1095 forms at year end

Streamline benefits enrollment.