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The power of one user-focused solution for Payroll, HR, Time, and Benefits.

Let Premier Payroll Services simplify your payroll and HR – from hire to retire. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, you can choose the services and programs that meet your needs and start saving TIME and MONEY. Our clients enjoy freedom from the administrative aspects of payroll, taxes, and HR administration –  allowing them to concentrate on the business of their business.

Premier’s Payroll & HR solution is built on workflows to automate tasks, increase efficiencies, improve productivity, and boost employee engagement.

payroll +

We’re more than just payroll. PPS provides a powerful web-based payroll solution PLUS integrated modules to streamline payroll operations while enhancing flexibility, security, and control.

time & attendance

A built-in, robust time and attendance solution that is ready to go in our top of the line software system. It’s never been easier to track and manage your employees’ time.


From onboarding to payroll to employee management, data should flow seamlessly. No more importing, exporting, or double data entry. It’s time to automate HR.


From open enrollment to running reports, we have you covered. With our benefits program, both you and your employees experience a streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly process that is determined by YOU.


Payroll +

Let Premier Payroll Services simplify your payroll from processing to payday.

Premier Payroll Services, Inc provides a powerful web-based payroll solution PLUS integrated Employee Self Service, Time & Attendance, HRIS and Benefits modules to streamline payroll operations while enhancing flexibility, security, and control.

Payroll processing is easy, accurate and efficient. Built from the ground up in the cloud, all data is secure and protected. With our full payroll preview, you are in control. You’ll get alerts about potential errors and have access to all the reports you need before you process your payroll.


Payroll Features

• Direct Deposit
• Quarterly Tax Returns
• Garnishments
• Track Vacation / Sick Accruals Electronically
• General Ledger Import
• Labor Distribution
• Certified Payrolls
• Vendor Checks
• 401K Plan Administration
• Custom Reporting


Integrated Modules

The integrated modules consolidate all of your data in one spot without an expensive HRIS program. Employees can even choose benefits during open enrollment and have it flow directly to payroll!

• Time & Attendance
• Employee Self Service
• HRIS & Onboarding
• Benefits


Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics

View your data, your way. Reduce hours spent preparing reports and make the most important reports available for review in minutes.

• 24/7 easy access from desktop or mobile
• Custom Management Reports

• Electronic Reports
• New Hire Reporting
• Password protection to ensure appropriate personnel access information


Employee Self Service

Premier’s Employee Self Service module provides employers and their employees with 24/7 on-line access to personnel information, check stubs, time off accruals and more.

• View/print pay stubs & W-2s online
• Ability to go paperless


Safety & Security

Online security of your data is our top priority which is why our national software vendor, iSolved, uses the same multi-factor authentication software that is used by many banks.


Stay Compliant

Remaining in compliance with the ever-changing tangle of regulations is simplified with isolved. Features include ACA reporting tools and production and filing of required forms.

Time & Attendance

Collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance data more effectively.

If you’re using a third-party solution to manage your time and attendance, you need to see what a difference our integrated Time & Attendance software can make. It’s fully native to our software, which means no more exporting, importing or duplicate data entry. All of your time-tracking needs are managed right within our software. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

Track and monitor meals, breaks, and overtime; use geofencing to track employee locations for clocking in and out; calculate and manage comp time; and monitor errors for complete and accurate time cards.

Time Card

• Hours entry
• Punch entry
• Labor allocation
• Self-service punching
• Crossing midnight boundaries
• View absences
• Verification
• Alerts
• Mobile punch GPS data

Time & Attendance Reports

• Time card report
• Policy group eligibility
• Clock eligibility report
• Absences/time off requests export
• Verification report
• Alerts report
• Hours detail export
• Punch detail report
• Time card payroll processing

Time Management

• Meal and break rounding
• Overtime and premiums
• Comp time.

Benefits for Time & Attendance

• Reduces labor costs up to 5% while improving accuracy & efficiency
• Mobile Punch GPS Data – see where an employee clocks in from!
• Accrues Vacation / Sick / PTO based on YOUR rules
• Employees can view PTO balances and submit requests online – no more manually tracking PTO
• Hours automatically flow to Time Entry Grid after approval – no more keying data
• Graphical calendar time card makes it easy to drag, move, copy and change time
• Flexible programming to track overtime, rounding rules, flex lunches, and much more
• Reports available in real time – correct missed punches immediately
• Daily, weekly or pay period view – jump to any pay period and close payroll with the click of a button
• Time card alerts
• One data source (only set up data once!)
• Don’t have to maintain earning code mapping from time to payroll

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HRIS & Onboarding

HR that works for you – and your employees!

With our comprehensive HRIS program, all critical functions are in one place – and fully integrated with payroll!

Your data is streamlined, providing insight to your workforce, identifying trends and driving performance. You can manage and strengthen your HR with configurable reporting, executive dashboards, and streamlined workflows. The HR functionality also empowers your employees to manage their own information, freeing up time for HR teams to focus on strategy.

Easy for You

The HR module is the central place to manage your employees information all in one place.

Information – View current information by employee. Views are setup and customized so you see the information YOU need.
• Documentation – Access all documents stored electronically per employee quickly and securely.
• Performance Appraisals – Create your own custom reviews and set up email alerts for reminders.
• Certifications and Training – Track certification renewals and training status with email reminders and expiration dates.
• Record keeping – Document OSHA incidents, disciplinary actions, and keep track of company assets like laptops, tools, and cars
• Onboarding – Streamline the new hire process, and stay compliant with no missing paperwork
• Track employee personal information including address, emergency contact information, and life event changes

Easy for Your Employees

With Employee Self Service, new hires and current employees can easily submit, sign, and view information electronically.

• New hire forms submitted electronically
• Documents are stored securely
• Employees can access payroll details
• Customized fields allow employees to view/change what YOU want them to.

They can update their address, direct deposit account, tax withholdings, and more!


From open enrollment to running reports, we have you covered.

Both you and your employees experience a streamlined, intuitive and user- friendly process that is determined by YOU. Full integration with payroll means no double entry or costly mistakes.

Structure benefit enrollment welcome messages with attached documents for employees to review and acknowledge, schedule email alerts to track enrollment deadlines, and offer a printable summary statement of all benefits selected. Drive employee engagement and usage to improve the way your employees enroll in benefits

Open Enrollment

•  Benefits are programmed using logic provided by YOU
•  Employee Self-Service so your employees can access benefits from anywhere at any time
•  Benefit options can be presented clearly
•  Step by step process increases employee engagement and usage
•  Built-in tracking and monitoring features with periodic reminders
•  Provide accurate data to carriers
•  Communicate open enrollment dates, meetings, locations, deadlines, and more
•  Schedule email alerts to make sure enrollment deadlines aren’t missed.
•  Structure welcome messages and documents to communicate to employees what needs to be reviewed and acknowledged.

Life Events

• Easy to update life events such as marriage, children, etc.
• Access previous benefit enrollments, current benefit enrollments.


• Easy to use filters to create reports and statements
• Easily provide benefits statement for employees, including employee total cost
• Produce a report that will summarize what coverage employees have
• Integrated ACA reporting – so no headaches completing 1095 forms at year end!

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