HR Insights LIVE

HR Insights LIVE

Every small business wishes they had an HR expert on call.

Premier Payroll introduces HR Insights LIVE – we will be holding this quarterly one hour call-in program where YOU have an opportunity to have your specific HR questions answered.

You can call at any time during the hour, for any duration, to listen to issues that others may have or provide your own questions.  Each quarter will feature a current HR topic between questions, but primarily serves as an open forum where you can ask questions to a trusted HR Expert – Rich Lukesh of Lukesh Consulting Group.

My employee has a Workers Compensation injury.  How long do I need to hold his job and continue his benefits?

I have an employee who is frequently late and often absent.  Can I fire him?

I want to hire someone who wants an additional week of Vacation.  How can I hire her without creating problems from other employees?

Are my administrative employees exempt from overtime if I pay them at $684 per week?

HR Insights Live is being offered free to clients of Premier Payroll on a quarterly basis from 1:00 to 2:00 PM.  Be sure to mark your calendar!

Next Event

Wednesday, November 17th

1:00 – 2:00 PM

The Details

Follow the instructions below to log into the Q&A Session. Remember – there will be other small business owners and representatives on the line – so keep your questions vague without revealing personal information.

  1. Logon to this website: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/942552401
  2. Answer either “Yes” or “Always” to the questions that pop-up on the screen asking permission to download the temporary program from GoToMeeting.com
  3. Meeting ID: 942-552-401
  4. To join the audio/conference call portion of the meeting,
    – dial this number: +1 (215) 383-1021 and
    – enter the Access Code: 942-552-401
  5. Audio PIN: After joining the meeting via computer, enter the Audio PIN shown on the screen if one appears.
  6. If you choose not to logon from a computer, you can still call-in using Step #4 above. You will not see any Audio PIN when using Step #4.

About Our Expert

Richard Lukesh, President of Lukesh Consulting Group, Inc.

Richard J. Lukesh, CMHR has more than 40 years of Human Resource, Sales, and Operations experience working as an executive and a consultant for 200-plus organizations varying in size from five to 2,500 employees. Rich has worked in a wide range of sectors, everything from start-up and non-profit to retail and manufacturing. He has a solid track record of enhancing organizational culture, resolving conflicts, coaching performance improvements, and building company profitability through the implementation of Human Capital programs and strategies. Known for his contrarian management views that deliver results, not bureaucracy, Rich has firsthand experience in developing and growing a business. As Managing Partner of a healthcare business, he grew his company in seven years from a local operation with 30 employees to a multi-site operation with more than 450 employees in 10 states. Rich holds an MBA from Wilkes University and has published numerous white papers, books, and articles on Human Resource topics ranging from sales and recruitment to building employee loyalty and customer satisfaction.