Predictive People Analytics

Actionable data on your most valuable asset.

Predictive People Analytics (PPA) uses AI to give you better visibility into your people data from multiple HR applications. PPA provides centralized metrics and analytics to help organizations take actionable steps to make decisions and strategies that ultimately impact business performance.

With a dashboard-style design, it is easy to use, understand, and translate into action.


Benefits of Predictive People Analytics

Collect your people data to view metrics and predict future trends with actionable insights to reach business goals and increase retention.

Predictive People Analytics is a powerful, sophisticated, and inutitive AI-powered tool that incorporates and connects key people data sources.  Insights and predictive modeling help you make smarter business decisions in real-time. Easy to use metrics & dashboards means you can get up and running right out of the gate.

Improve Employee Retention

Use the predictive modeling capabilities of PPA to predict potential turnover – by identifying who is at risk of leaving and putting together an action plan to reduce the risk.

Identify Workforce Trends

With isolved Predictive People Analytics, you can easily access and analyze valuable people data to identify workforce trends and anticipate future workforce fluctuations.

Increase DEI&B Efforts

Easy access to data that can help you identify hiring biases, pay inequities and diverse leadership gaps. Metrics can help you enhance or stay on track with DEI&B efforts.

Make Proactive Decisions

With a look at the big picture data, you can:
· Ensure operations continue to run at peak efficiency
· Identify and address small issues before they have an opportunity to grow into large problems
· Leverage historical trending and predictive modeling to see how you got where you are today and what you need to do for a more productive tomorrow

Features of PPA

Voice Navigation & Visual Assistant

HR professionals and employees need to simply “ask for” the information they want to see

resourcesKey Events Overlay

Correlate key events over trend analysis to better understand what happened and the effects.


Configurable views of all key people metrics centralized or segmented into user defined groupings that don’t require experts to interpret data.

Predictive Modeling

Use trended data to plot scenarios that can help decide what actions are best for the business and the workforce.

Historical Trend Analysis

Trend all key metrics over user defined time periods.

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