Onboard & Develop

Provide a great user experience to your new employees while seamlessly managing all documentation, including I-9 employment verification forms. Increase data consistency, boost efficiency, and avoid bottlenecks, all through a fully electronic system that includes e-Verify.

Onboarding & offboarding

Hiring and termination have never been simpler. Our onboarding and offboarding tools can ease the transition for employment changes.

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Automatically verify applicant eligibility for employment to work in the United States checking against multiple government data sources.

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All paperwork is completed online and reports are stored within the employees electronic file. It’s quick, easy, and secure – and keeps you compliant.

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A better employee
experience WITHOUT
the paperwork.

Getting new hires immediately connected to your company in a streamlined, positive process is important to building your team and improving performance for your business.

A better onboarding process can improve job performance and satisfaction by clearly communicating job expectations, company policies, and values.

The paperless Employee Onboarding tool notifies the appropriate personnel in a timely manner and takes them through all the necessary steps, tasks and forms that are part of a proper company orientation. New hires enter information directly into isolved, avoiding multiple data entry.


Features & Benefits

Everyone in the hiring chain, from new hires to managers to HR departments, will appreciate the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility provided by this new onboarding innovation. All documents are already in isolved for instant access and review. You can even use the built-in wizard feature to customize templates and create
layers of approval to complete the process.

Built-In I-9 and
E-verify Tools

Automate forms and processes for employees and managers to save time and effort.

Electronic Signatures

Use as a binding agreement, if necessary (employee handbooks, NDAs, etc)

Workflow Automation

Implement, collect, track, and store all forms and documents, including federal and state tax forms, to reduce effort and help eliminate costly errors
– Easily generate EEO reports

Streamline Processes

Automatically track assignments, distributions, and returns of equipment, system access and logins, legal and HR documentation, and task completion to keep your business running faster.


Customize onboarding templates and create levels of approval.
– Permissions can be assigned by role, location, and
– Determine employee categories where necessary
– Modify and use company communications

E-Verify is built-in.

Verifying and bringing on new hires can take a lot of time for HR and recruiting professionals.

With E-Verify (I-9 work verification) built into isolved, the process gets a lot easier! With your own login to E-Verify, you can have instant results and Premier’s great service all in one package!


Logical onboarding process

Make onboarding easier with isolved & Premier.


Email new hire link to onboarding wizard


New hire completes information and uploads supporting documents (W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit Form)


Check for missing data, new hire cannot proceed without completing all steps


New hire reviews & confirms information before submitting


Add additional details such as salary, verification.


Send auto-generated progress emails to HR and supervisors

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