Conversational Virtual Assistant

Meet HR’s new best friend.

CVA is available for clients utilizing Microsoft Teams. isolved’s Conversational Virtual Assistant uses AI-based natural language processing to give your employees a conversational way to get information and perform HR tasks, using the platforms and tools they already have.


Benefits of isolved’s Conversational Virtual Assistant

Empower your people to get answers to HR questions fast—right inside Teams.

isolved’s Conversational Virtual Assistant lets your employees access their important information and complete common HR tasks in isolved People Cloud without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Employees can request time-off balances, ask for a list of current benefits and even view their schedule through the conversational interface, reducing complexity and improving the employee experience.

Save valuable time by redirecting frequent and repetitive HR questions.

Automate responses to common HR questions to free up your HR Team. Employees have access to a simpler, easier way to access HR information fast in places and on devices they already interact with. Employees can ask general questions related to PTO, Payroll, Scheduling, Timecard, and more.

Make HR more accessible to your employees – 24/7.

Help employees with common questions in a fun, chat-like way to keep meetings and HR requests to a minimum. With freedom to ask questions any time, any where, on any device., employees are empowered to get answers to everyday HR questions fast right from isolved People Cloud without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

What questions can CVA handle?

Time off

Scheduled time off days, accrual details, new requests, company holidays


Including benefits, company contacts, and help topics such as changing contact information, direct deposit, changing tax withholding, and requesting time off

time and attendance

Work schedule, hours worked, alerts

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